Book tickets for the festival

Please note that online booking has now closed as we are not at home to monitor bookings during the festival.
You are still be able to book at the festival, but we cannot guarantee that there will be spaces in your chosen workshop.
We have a large venue, so we are unlikely to run out of milonga spaces.

Early Bird prices are the ones shown first beneath each item and are valid until midnight on 30th April, 2016 (British Summer Time).

Please enter your details and requirements below. The cost of each item is indicated below it. No payments will be taken during the booking process as we will need to confirm availability of your requirements before you pay.

Please note that some workshops are now full. These are indicated below and bookings for these will not be accepted. We have now also reached the stage where the safest way to book is as a couple. We have a few single ladies on the waiting list in certain workshops. If you wish to book singly, then we recommend that you are also booking to come dancing as we cannot guarantee that we will have a place for you in any workshops from this point on.

You have the option of choosing to come alone or with a partner. If coming with a partner and booking identically, only one of you need book and the other booking will automatically be generated. In this case, the current total will be shown as double. Please note, that if you choose this option, you are still able to choose Alejandra's technique workshop for whichever of you is the follower, but that this will not be counted as an included workshop. It will, however, only be included once in the cost.

If your booking requirements are more complex, then please book what you can and once you receive a confirmation email, we can discuss your specific requirements.

Personal Details

Please enter your contact details below and, if doing any workshops, your intended role as leader or follower.

Please select your intended role in the workshops

If your regular club organiser has given you a voucher code, please enter it below.

Partner Options

Please select one of the options below concerning whether or not you are attending with a partner. If you and your partner are booking identically, you will not need to fill out a separate form, just their name and email. Their booking will then be automatically generated to match yours.

If you are booking two identical packages and you choose Alejandra's technique workshop, this will only be included as a booking for whichever of you is the follower and will therefore not count as an included workshop. It will only be charged for once in this case.

However, if you intend to book different packages or different other options, you will need to book separately and link your bookings together using the booking ref.

Partner's Personal Details

Please enter your partner's contact details below.

Your partner's role in the workshops.


You are welcome to build your own package by selecting "None", but it will work out cheaper to select a package if you wish to attend several parts of the festival. Each package is individually priced. The price is shown below each package.

Some packages include workshops, the lecture, or some or all of the dancing. If you select one of these packages, the included aspects will be indicted by a blue box. Please note that if you switch to a different package, you will need to manually deselect anything that was previously included, but no longer is.


Some packages include 1, 2, 3 or 4 workshops. If you select one of these, then you may choose whichever workshops you wish and they will be indicated with a blue box. You may choose extra workshops of course. Additional workshops cost £20.00 each.

Please note that JA-T0 and JA-T1 may only be booked by choosing either package MINIB or MAXIB.

It is notoriously difficult to ensure that everyone in a given workshop is of an appropriate level. Please try and book for workshops which are of an appropriate level for you. Our guide may help you. Please note that, for example, an advanced workshop including volcadas would assume that you are already able to do a volcada. We cannot guarantee that the teachers will be teaching the basic skills in the more advanced classes.

Music Lecture

Michael's lecture is only an included lecture in the beginner packages. For all other packages, it should be booked separately. We think that reaping the benefit of his extensive knowledge of tango music at only £10.00 is a real bargain. We would love to see you there. If you are interested, please choose it here.

Milongas and Tango Cafés

The milongas, ball and tango cafés are included in various packages, but you can choose to add extras should you wish. The prices are shown below each event.

Booking for any of the evening milongas automatically gives you access to the milonga in the ballroom and the milonga in the pillar room.